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Organizing and Moving Services (Rate per Hour)

Please note there is a 3-hour session minimum for all OM services. This rate does not include the cost of an In-Home Assessment ($125).

Organizing and Moving Services (Rate per Hour)

  • -Clients must complete a discovery call before proceeding with an in-person session.

    -All services are paid in full prior to the first session.

    -Invoices are due and payable within 3 business days or prior to the first session (whichever comes first), in order to hold booking.

    -All sessions must be scheduled by the client.

    -Purchased packages must be utilized within 6 months.

    -Before the first session, all clients must sign a service agreement and liability waiver.

    -Fees not included in this package: 

    • Shopping Assistance fee: $80/hr, this includes any time spent researching, purchasing, or acquiring products for your home.
    • Travel Fee: A travel fee may be charged for jobs with a commute over 1 hour round trip. This includes travel time and the cost of tolls. A fee estimate will be offered in the Project Proposal and will be billed prior to the last session.
    • In-Home Assessment fee: The fee is $125 and may be credited toward the purchase of a 20 or 40 hour package. This service is required for all projects.

    -Although Organized by Margarita provides an estimate of how long a job may take, we cannot promise that it will be completed by or within a certain time limit. We also cannot guarantee that a project will be completed within the specified number of package hours. We make recommendations based on what we believe will best meet your goals, taking into account any deadlines, however projects don't always go as planned, and they may take longer than expected. This may necessitate the purchase of additional packages or hourly sessions. Each project is distinct and is subject to a variety of conditions. We strive to work efficiently, but ultimately we match our work speed to meet the needs of the client and the project.


    This is a NON-REFUNDABLE purchase.

    By purchasing, the client agrees to all of the terms listed above.

    Product price includes a 3.5% Process and Service Fee, for payments without fees email to purchase your package

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