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From Cluttered to Spacious: Products To Maximize Your Space

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

But First...A Word on Zero Waste

For me, "home" isn't exclusive to the place where I live. When I think about my home, I think about my mind, my body, my soul and the environment.

Of all of these, our environment is often the most forgotten. Mother Nature is consistently neglected. It is for this very reason that I choose to lead Organized by Margarita with a Zero Waste mindset. I cannot control how items are manufactured, but I can make conscious decisions about what items I purchase. For me, Zero Waste means that what I invest my money in is truly sustainable. That whatever I may purchase, produces as little material that will end up in the landfill as possible. I know that I cannot live my life on earth without leaving a carbon footprint, but remain devoted to loving kindness. To live in a way that is loving toward myself, others, and nature.

It is for this reason that I ask you to first use what you already have. If you truly desire different products for your home, then I encourage you to sell or donate any items in usable condition. There is no reason to continue to pile items on our overflowing landfills, and what maybe trash to you might be a gift to someone else.

Should you decide to purchase new products, please consider items that are durable and can be composted or recycled when their life ends. While the products I recommend are not all 100% Zero Waste, I strive to suggest products that are made from sustainable materials.

What does that mean? It means that I do not recommend products made from plastics, especially single use plastics. Materials such as glass and metal can be recycled and reused in the same way they were originally created. Wooden and bamboo products can be composted.

I am not perfect on my Zero Waste and sustainability lifestyle, but I know that progress matters. For the love of our communal home, the Earth, I ask that you too consider approaching your purchases with a Zero Waste mindset.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn money if you click on them. Should you use these links to make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation to help fund my pastry addiction. You will not be up-charged or pay extra fees, you will simply continue to supply me with the occasional almond croissant. So you see, we all win here! For further details, please read my Terms & Conditions.


Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack If you have limited space for a spice rack this is a fantastic option. It has a strong magnet and could double as a paper towel, compost bag, or kitchen towel holder!

3-Tier Wood Expandable Spice Rack This Expandable Spice Rack is great for adding levels in your cupboard and seeing all of your spices easily

Wood Lazy Susan You can use this Lazy Susan in the kitchen (or bathroom) to help you access your items more easily

Stacking Shelf This shelf helps add levels to your cabinet. It's perfect for organizing dishware

Kitchen Cabinet Pan Organizer No more messy cabinets! This pan organizer personally helped me make the most of my cabinet space. Use it horizontally or vertically!

Under Sink

2-Tier Slim Slide Out Storage Rack This rack is a must have for your under-sink area. It helps keep your cleaning, dental, or beauty products organized. Plus it's stackable, so you can really make use of your vertical space!


Perfect for making use of vertical space in the kitchen, Pantry, garage or shed!

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