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How does pricing work?

I offer an hourly rate, as well as package pricing for in-person and virtual services. Packages offer a discount on my hourly rate. All services must be paid in full prior to booking and are non-refundable*


*Except under Force Majeure

What additional fees do you charge?

In-home assessments, travel costs (for locations outside my service area), packing materials, donation drop-off, and shopping assistance services carry additional fees.



  • In-Home Assessment (60-90 min duration): $125*

  • Cancellation & Rescheduling fee: $150 for clients who cancel/reschedule with less than 48-hour's notice.

  • Shopping Assistance: $75/hr, this includes any time spent researching, purchasing, or acquiring products for your home.

  • Travel Fee: A travel fee may be charged for jobs with a commute over 1 hour round trip. This includes travel time and the cost of tolls. A fee estimate will be offered in the Project Proposal and will be billed prior to the last session.. 

  • Packing Material and Organizing Products are either purchased by the client or by me using the client's cash or credit card

*May be used as credit toward the purchase of a 20 or 40-hour package

What is your process for working with a client?


-I schedule a discovery call with all of my prospective clients. This call ensures that I know what my client needs and what their goals are, and it helps me determine if I am the right fit for their project. An In-Home Assessment is required for all projects.

-After the In-Home Assessment, a time estimate for the project will be provided. This will help us determine whether an hourly or package rate would be best.

-Jobs that require less than 3 hours of estimated work are better suited for an hourly rate, while jobs with more estimated hours of work are better suited for packages.

-After contracts are signed, we book the first session and get started!


-In the first 30 minutes (approx.), I get a tour of the spaces that need servicing. Please note, client must be present during this portion of the In-Home Assessment.


-For the following 30 minutes (approx.), I document and measure the spaces I have seen previously. Please note, the client is not required to be present during this process and is asked to review the Service Contract provided by Organized by Margarita.


-For the remaining 30 minutes (approx.), the client and I discuss the scope of the work that needs to be done in order to meet their needs and vision for their home. I provide an estimate for the hours it may take to complete the project. Should the client choose to move forward, the Service Contract is reviewed and any lingering questions are answered.



-The first stage of organizing begins with decluttering. During this stage I assist my clients in purging their space. This is a process that requires client participation as I cannot make decisions on other people's items. 


-The second stage is space planning. During this stage I plot out the best way to use the space and allow like items to be together, without compromising a peaceful aesthetic. 


-The third stage is organizing. During the organizing stage, purchases may be needed to maximize the use of space or to create a visually appealing space. As much organizing as can be done with the current home organizing products will be done, until the purchased items arrive. 


-The fourth stage is revision. Once all the organizing has been done, we make revisions. Any organization systems or aesthetic aspects that the client may have concerns with are addressed. If the organization systems aren't practical for the way the client lives, it can be revised. This might mean going back to the second or third stage of the process, in order to yield the best results. 


-Depending on the size of the space and the amount of items, all four of these stages may be reached in a single session or may require several sessions.  

What happens if I have left over hours from my package?

In the event that you have outstanding package hours at the end of a project, you may choose to do one of the following:

  • Use the hours to service another area of your home

  • Use those hours for refinement session(s) within 3 months of project end

Do you have a session minimum?

All sessions have a minimum of 3 hours. For refinement sessions, a shorter session (1-2 hours) may be allowed at our discretion.

What is your Rescheduling, Refund & Cancellation Policy?

All purchases are non-refundable, except under Force Majeure

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy:

  • Clients are able to reschedule or cancel sessions without fees provided that they offer more than 48 hours' Notice and that they contact Organized by Margarita via email, phone, or text to arrange for rebooking

  • A $150 fee will be applied to all session appointments that are missed, cancelled, or rescheduled with less than 48-hours’ notice of the appointment time (Force Majeure excluded)

  • In the event of rescheduling within 48 hours, the fee will be deducted from the pre- paid amount and remaining balance will be due in full prior to the next scheduled session.

What is Force Majeure?

Force Majeure is a clause in our agreement that offers limited exception with regards to our Refund & Cancellation Policy and Service Agreement. The following causes may be justifications for the invocation of this clause, provided that they give prompt notice to the other of its invocation of this provision and make diligent efforts to resume its performance despite such force majeure.


*Causes beyond reasonable control, including without limitation:

-acts or omissions of government or military authority

-shortages of materials

-transportation delays

-natural disasters

-medical emergencies (disease, labor, accidents etc.)

-labor disturbances

-riots or wars 


For acts or omissions of government or military authority, medical emergencies, or war, the REFUND term may be voided and a one-time refund will be issued for outstanding hours/work. For all of the above circumstances CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULING fees may be waived once.

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