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Bringing Zen Back to Your Home & Mind

Our Purpose

Organized by Margarita specializes in helping working moms master the skills of organizing and productivity to unlock their full potential. Our purpose is to help you manage your home and ease your mind. We create home environments that nurture peace through the development of productivity, home-management, and custom organization systems. We offer assistance with home styling, organizing, and moving; as well as productivity consulting services.


Whether you are letting go of an old life or making space for a new one, allow us to bring the OM back to your home!

What We Value

Mental Health

Personalized Services

Zero Waste Products



Virtual  Organizing


Organizing for Children

In-Person Home Organizing


Personalized Productivity Systems


Moving Assistance


Executive Assistant G.

Margarita was able to help us in a short amount of time. She was very professional, detail oriented, and punctual. Absolutely amazing. Would hire again! Thank you Margarita.

Jonathan P.

I needed help organizing some of the storage spaces around the house. Margarita came up with some interesting ways to meet my goals of maximizing space while keeping everything accessible. The systems she created are excellent and I am still using them today!

Martha D.

Margarita did an incredible job with our tiny kitchen space! I recently moved into my fiancé's junior one bedroom apartment. I did the best I could to reduce the amount of kitchen stuff we had, but I still couldn't make it fit! She came in and found the solution to our problem. We had space, we just needed to get creative! She made use of the vertical space we had and now we are able to fit all our pans and baking ware in our cupboards. I highly recommend!

Guadalupe G.

Detailed and super attentive person! Loved working with Margarita.

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